Common browser window size

What size should you design a web page

Common browser window size

That common question, what size should a web page be? , is not so simply answered. For starters you can download this template to see common browser size breakdowns. The dilemma lies in the fact that your site visitors are bound to have different computer screens with different resolution settings.
Therefore depending on the computer a visitor is using your site will appear slightly differently. While the user will still be able to scroll around too see all of your content it is best to be sure that your most vital information is placed immediately in the visitors viewing area upon opening up your site. The second issue is scrolling, what should be the size of the web page to avoid scrolling? The same scenario applies here as it is somewhat standard to place secondary content below allowing users to scroll vertically to see addition content and footer information. You should, however, avoid any type of horizontal scrolling as most users will ignore info the requires a horizontal scroll. Back to the original question, a good rule of thumb is to create your content no wider than 1000 pixels (780 pixels if you want to be extra safe). This does not mean you cannot design a larger page if you so desire, it simply means your visitors may have to do some extra searching to find your content. Google Labs offers a nifty browser size tool that shows the percentage breakdowns of potential visitors screen resolutions. The color coded image will overlay onto the web address you provide, giving you a visual representation of different screen sizes. I generally try to stay within the 90% range, but feel free to adjust depending on your personal preference. If your site is not live and you would like to download a template with the screen size data click here to download the screen resolution template. You can place this transparent image over your Photoshop design to see the breakdown before doing any actual HTML coding. If you find this template useful feel free to share it with your friends or link to this article from your own website. Good luck designing your new web page!

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