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Vince DePalma

Welcome to the official re launch of featuring our new blog format. I, as you may already know, am a graphic designer based out of Los Angeles CA. I have a BA in design from California State University Northridge as well as having studied Business Administration. Currently I am working full time as a designer in LA, in addition to doing freelance work and blogging. Speaking of blogging the brand new will feature tons of resources for web designers, graphic designers, and web developers.

The articles set to feature will include “how to” tutorials, problems and solutions to issues you may come across in web design, current work and examples by me (Vince DePalma), and news and events happening in and around the design community. All the articles are written exclusively for your benefit and questions/comments are welcome! You will no doubt find some of this stuff quite useful take the liberty of linking to any article you wish, tell your friends about this site, scream it from the rooftop, whatever gets you going. Thanks for taking the time to read through this quick introduction.

Now on to something useful, Stay posted for the next article “Still need a Google Wave invite?“!

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