Still need a google wave invite?

To kick things off I just so happen to have a few Google Wave invites lying around collecting dust, I’m sure most of you already have had the chance to look around wave, but if not just leave a quick comment below with your email address and I will send over an invite.

In case you’ve been out of the loop and haven’t yet heard of Google Wave allow me to introduce you. Google Wave is Google’s all new social networking, collaboration tool. Currently invite only, this tool allows you to connect with your friends and colleagues in a streamlined internet application. Those of you familiar with social networks will quickly see that the possibilities are endless with Google Wave. Import all you contacts, start a new “Wave” and send it off to your friends. You can share files, documents, and comments all in real time. Plan events, coordinate group projects, or just share a few photos of your recent expedition to Guam. Whatever it is give it a go, once you signed up and fooled around a bit with Google Wave stop back in and let me know what innovative uses you have found for it.

Take a look at a few screen shots of the user interface.

Google Wave Screen Shot

Google Wave Screen Shot

Google Wave Invite

Google Wave Invite

Or check out the not so quick developer’s preview from Google.

If you’re in a rush here is the shorthand version

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